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Real estate expertise

Lucero Development blends public and private real estate expertise with a keen background in partner and finance sourcing to deliver exceptional real estate services. We enable our clients to accomplish their real estate goals from the inception stages of a development’s life cycle through construction and completion.

Lucero Development

Our Services

Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Our consulting services are precisely tailored to meet the needs of our clients with actionable solution-based systems. We assist them in navigating through both the public and private sectors while implementing creative solutions that enable them to achieve their goals.

Lucero Development
Lucero Development

Land Sourcing and Acquisition

We accomplish smooth acquisitions by making use of our various expertise as well as our in-depth market knowledge and analysis. Our firm prides itself on finding solution-based strategies in the land sourcing process. We also strengthen our client’s positions by being able to source the right strategic and capital partners if needed.


With an extensive background working within and contributing to the creation of Denver’s most recent zoning code, we can provide our clients with efficient and effective zoning strategies. Our firm focuses on combining city and neighborhood goals with those of our clients to create win-win solutions.

Lucero Development
Lucero Development

Government and Community Affairs Coordination

Our exceptional community relation coordinators and officers handle our client’s consultancy requests to craft better solutions. They also help with real estate and development projects. We don’t just take community affair coordination as a marketing job, but we take it as a core construct of our business. It bridges the gap between the public and private real estate sectors.

Why Work With Us

  • Over a decade of experience
  • Deep understanding of alternative funding sources
  • Long standing community relationships
  • Mission driven
Lucero Development

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